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Das ist Kunst...mindestens in 1000 Jahren.

DS: JD, dreamv, CecilMcBee, Gods Infinity, MA*RS.. new items added

. all items are authentic and have been bought in Japan unless otherwise mentioned
. also all clothes are in very good condition unless otherwise mentioned
. shipping will be from Germany (willing to ship worldwide)
. I accept bank transfer within Europe and Paypal
. no smoking, no pets
. if you purchase multiple items I may be willing to haggle a bit (reasonable offers only please)
. first one to pay gets the item, I'm sorry but due to people backing out recently I have to take this step

Jesus Diamante Bokashi Bara print dress - 60€

JD size 42 (=approx. EU 36/38), fits up to 90cm bust and ~75cm waist

Jesus Diamante pink bow barette - 25€

Golds Infinity dress - 20€

WIll fit S until small M sizes. The dress used to be pink but turned violet after washing it (no spots or anything unless you know it used to be pink you wouldn't notice) has a slight cut-off area in the upper back part.

Liz Lisa brown dress - 20€

Fits xs or s sizes. Has a built in petti and is made of rather thick fabric (velveteen I guess).

Ingni flower lace poncho - 20€

Really pretty lace poncho by ingni made of floral lace. A close up of which is here

Mary Rose jacket - 20€

M-size doesn't have any buttons to close only a small metal clip at the top. so it may fit slightly larger sizes as well. NWT.

Mary Rose shorts - 10€

Japanese LL size, will fit an European S/ smaller M size.

Cecil McBee floral top - 15€

May fit up to smaller L sizes, cut is shouldfree.

Cecil McBee embroidery dress - 20€

Will fit up to approx. 88cm bust and 74cm waist. Has a really beautiful embroidery around the border.

Cecil McBee asymetric jacket - 20€

Pretty much free size, loose fit (s-l sizes), asymetric cut. The sleeves are 3/4 ones and can be buttoned up.

Cecil McBee stola - 20€

Onesize, has cuffs, for "better grip". Glitter threads are all woven through the fabric which gives it a quite nice look.

MA*RS replica bag 25€

Bought this of an online shop assuming it was a real deal, however, it wasn't as I could see on the faded-looking fabric on the inside. Has never even been used. Picture of the inside here

Deary black heart shoes 10€

Japanese L size, will fit best a EU 38. The heel has a cut out heart which is decorated with rhinestones!

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